Meghan Markle Might ‘Intervene In US Election’ Amid Political Ambitions, Says Royal Insider

A royal reporter is claiming that Meghan Markle might “intervene” in the 2020 presidential election as part of her alleged political ambitions.

According to The Express, the rumor about the duchess’s potential move comes after Markle has given a number of speeches that have touched on controversial subjects usually avoided by members of the British royal family.

For example, the former Suits actress discussed the death of George Floyd and the Black Lives Matter movement in an address to her alma mater, the Immaculate Heart School in Los Angeles, earlier this summer.

More recently, Markle addressed an audience at the Girl Up Leadership Summit along with world leaders like former first lady Michelle Obama.

During her speech, the duchess urged young people to act as she believed the world was on the “precipice of transformation” and discussed the need for criminal justice reform, ending gun violence, and mental health awareness.

Though many fans awarded the former actress high marks on her presentation, it also raised some eyebrows in royal circles because of how it toed the line with politics — which is off limits to members of the British monarchy.

“There is no doubt whatever that this is the sort of speech that would fit perfectly if aimed at a political audience,” explained commentator Richard Fitzwilliams.

He also added that there had long been whispers about how the duchess was attracted to politics. Before meeting Prince Harry, Markle had worked with the United Nations and had written essays on activism.

“There has always been speculation that this area attracted her, this has fueled these rumors and as I listened to the speech I thought that it might well be a rehearsal for others on a far bigger stage,” he added.

Meghan Markle gives a speech in a black dress in Australia

Though Fitzwilliams claimed that Markle’s attention was likely on the distant future, he believed that it was still possible she might make her voice heard as the United States gets closer to the November 2020 election.

“She might intervene in the forthcoming presidential election,” he said.

The reporter added that he could see easily Markle with a career in public service.

“She has the talents and the experience in the public eye to be a Democratic Party candidate at some point in the future,” Fitzwilliams continued, adding that Markle would likely like to “shape the debate in the corridors of power herself.”

In other Sussex-related news, recent reports have suggested that Markle will not be reuniting with her dog Bogart. Though the Sussexes had originally claimed that the pet was too old to make the journey to England, insiders have claimed there was another reason for leaving Bogart behind, as was previously covered by The Inquisitr.