WWE News: Fans Start Social Media Trend Due To Anger Over Superstar’s Alleged Burial

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WWE fans have taken to social media to raise concerns over Naomi’s loss to Lacey Evans on last night’s Friday Night SmackDown,reported WrestlingNews.co

The general consensus among wrestling fans is that Naomi deserves to be booked much stronger than she has been in recent weeks. She’s a former champion and a huge fan-favorite due to her athletic ability.

However, she appears to be an afterthought at the moment and has spent most of 2020 either absent, losing, or featured in comedy segments. As of this writing, she doesn’t seem to have any momentum or creative direction.

Many fans were quick to point out how the creative team is mishandling such a talented performer, and some of them were quite frank about how upset they’ve felt about her current status on the blue brand.

“Had the biggest pop of any women in her return at the Royal Rumble, went viral for WEEKS yet they decide to have women like Dana & Lacey beat Naomi when she is by far better all-around & has a much larger following/interest…. this is a f**ing joke,” one supporter tweeted.

“She literally went viral when she returned. She’s been in this company for so long and works harder than most of the roster. All we want is better treatment for her,” another noted.

The other tweets echoed these sentiments, and the majority were signed off with a “#NaomiDeservesBetter,” which trended on Twitter. The superstar appears to be receiving some organic fan support, and the social media response could be key to the company taking notice.

Naomi was in good spirits following the loss, however.

As reported by Ringside News, she took to Twitter after the show and joked about the intimate way in which Evans pinned her. According to Naomi, only her husband is allowed to hold her legs that way.

Naomi’s treatment can also be perceived as a symptom of WWE’s general misuse of the female wrestlers. On last week’s show, she was featured in a karaoke segment alongside Tamina, Dana Brooke and Evans. The angle received unfavorable reviews from viewers, with critics comparing it to the company’s Divas era, as opposed to the current Women’s Revolution.

Even some WWE superstars have been critical over the way in which the female roster has been portrayed in recent months. According to Paige, officials have a tendency to give opportunities to the same handful of performers over and over again.