Facebook Ad Shows Mark Zuckerberg Boring The Office [Video]

An ad for Facebook Home shows Mark Zuckerberg boring the office.

The offices of Facebook are apparently filled with self-centered types who aren’t easily impressed. One would wonder if Tardar Sauce, the “grumpy cat,” has been there from time to time in real life. Everyone knows that cat has been everywhere else on the internet by now.

Mark Zuckerberg drones on as everyone seems to ignore him in the new ad for Facebook Home, which converts your Android phone into a Facebook phone.

The ad starts with an Oriental woman looking at a computer screen with the words “Facebook HQ Launch Day” in the bottom left. Mark Zuckerberg walks in from the right, clapping his hands for emphasis, “Guys! This is it!”

A guy with sideburns in a wheeled office chair stares at his phone as he turns toward Mark Zuckerberg and then crosses his legs and looks up.

Mark Zuckerberg continues, “After all your hard work, Facebook Home is ready to ship.”

Everybody just sits there in silence, one guy looking outright bored already, looking back at his phone with a fake smile. A woman next to him averts her gaze to the same phone as Mark Zuckerberg talks on, “This is an important moment in our journey to help…” A screaming goat cuts him off in mid-sentence. “The project began with the simple idea of putting friends at the heart of your phone.”

The office continues to fake an interest, the one guy repeatedly looking back at his phone, “So you can always see…”

A guy jumps in with a tennis racket, the sounds of tennis drowning out Mark Zuckerberg, and says, “Dude! Forget work! Come play!” The bored guy’s phone literally has the same words on it in a text message.

Mark Zuckerberg is still talking, “… and never miss out.”

The sounds of a quad drown him out again as the guy starts flipping through pictures of someone on a quad using Facebook Home. He hits “like” as two guys on quads literally race through the meeting, a stack of hay opposite where they turn.

The rest of the ad is above.

What do you think of the Facebook Home ad with Mark Zuckerberg boring the office?