Thousands Raised In Donations For Young McDonald’s Employee Who Was Attacked Over Mask Policy

Maria Resendiz is a 19-year-old McDonald’s employee from Oakland, California, who was attacked last month for enforcing the restaurant’s face mask policy. In an effort to show support for her, a generous stranger started a GoFundMe page that has raised over $20,000 in donations, according to Today.

At the restaurant where this incident took place, face coverings are required even in the drive-thru line in an attempt to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Signs are posted at both windows requesting the use of masks.

On June 27, a man arrived at the window where Resendiz was standing and she asked him to put a mask on, as she had been told to do by her supervisor. He grew angry and allegedly began yelling and cursing at her, even disrespecting her ethnicity. He then left the line to park his car. He later approached Resendiz, who attempted to pull the window shut but was unable to do so before he allegedly grabbed her, hit her and threatened her life.

People wait in line at McDonald's.

Those that heard about the story were deeply disturbed by how Resendiz was treated. It was for that reason that Daniel Paz decided to set up a GoFundMe for her and set the goal at $25,000. In the description of the page, he expressed his sympathy for Resendiz.

“As a lifelong McDonald’s customer, I appreciate them always being there for us, especially during the pandemic. We regularly tip baristas, and take out restaurants, but rarely (if ever) fast-food workers. In this case, I think Maria should get some ‘tips’/community support for what she endured, and for sticking in there even though it sounds like this wasn’t the only time she was treated poorly.”

Many positive comments are visible on the page, all from people supporting Resendiz and hoping she will realize that there are people that appreciate her and the work she does.

“I hope these funds are proof along with every other customer who acts like a human being prove to you there is much more good in the world and in Oakland than bad,” one person wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Resendiz was taken to the hospital following this incident. Photos of her that were taken after the attack show a scratch on her face and bandages on her arms. In an interview, she said she simply wants to be treated with decency while trying to do her job and also feels that increased security is necessary at the restaurant.