Halle Berry Shows Off Her Fantastic Physique As She Jumps Rope In ‘Fitness Friday’ Video

Halle Berry is helping her fans get fit by jumping rope — and showing off her incredible physique as some inspiration.

The actress took to Instagram on Friday to share some tips about jumping rope as a form of exercise, sharing a series of how-to videos that included some in which she showed off her own incredible strength. The clips, posted to Halle’s Instagram stories, showed followers how to select the right rope and get started using the favorite playground activity as a form of cardio exercise.

Halle tapped celebrity trainer and pal Peter Lee Thomas for some help in showing her followers the proper way to execute the workout. Halle showed a video of Thomas using both legs to hop and explained that it might be easier to start by jumping over the rope as a gallop or skip, one foot at a time rather than both feet.

While Halle has gained fame through her acting, in recent years she has gained a significant social media following thanks to the often revealing images she shares and her focus on fitness. Halle regularly gives fans an inside look at her own workouts on what she calls “Fitness Friday,” where she often works with Thomas to share some tips for how they can get a good workout at home without expensive equipment or gym memberships.

Her exercise routine is often connected to her film projects. Recently, her end-of-week tutorials have shown fans how she kept in shape while filming John Wick 3, and the video she shared on Friday shows Halle standing in a boxing ring, which appears connected to her current project, the movie Bruised. These entries often give a heavy dose of encouragement, with the actress trying to offer some tips specifically for followers who may be new to fitness.

The workouts often focus on the unconventional as well. As the actress told Women’s Health in an interview in May, her average workout doesn’t include a single crunch or sit-up. Instead, Halle found that planking is a much better way to work out her core.

“One abs move I do incorporate into my workouts pretty often is planks. I never did planks back in the day, but they’ve made a huge difference for my core strength and definition,” she shared. “Sometimes, I’ll just hold a plank for as long as I can. My abs start to ache first, but pretty soon my entire body feels like it’s on fire.”

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