Will and Tina Join Forces As George W. Bush and Sarah Palin

Although not as outrageously funny as past Fey-as-Palin skits, last evening’s SNL Thursday Special intro is definitely worth a watch.
The highlights? The beginning is especially awesome: according to President George W. Bush, impersonated by Will Ferrell, it is on between “between two very qualified candidates: the hot lady and the Tiger Woods guy.” Poor Dubya: he’s been trying to do his part from the Oval Office (otherwise know as the “Bummer-Free Zone”) and endorse McCain in a super-public statement, but things keep getting mysteriously delayed. It’s a good thing that John McCain (Darrell Hammond) was found in the Adirondacks, or he wouldn’t have been able to come and pose for an extended photo op.
And of course, Tina Fey hit it out of the park with a fetching leg flash and a clever reference to Governor Sarah Palin’s impressive campaign wardrobe. (Who knew that pencil skirts and nehru collar jackets could run up such a hefty bill?) Even though the New York Times was getting skeptical about SNL taking this and running with it, I certainly wasn’t disappointed.
What’s your take on the newest installment to SNL’s Thursday Specials?