Carrie Ann Inaba Reassures ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans That The Usual Judges Will Be Back

Dancing with the Stars fans might be feeling a bit uneasy about what’s in store for the upcoming fall season, but judge Carrie Ann Inaba is trying to reassure everybody that things will be fine. Some fans started to wonder if the DWTS judges panel might be replaced after the shocking news that Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews had been fired. Carrie Ann says that she doesn’t anticipate that being the case.

As noted by Just Jared, Carrie Ann discussed the changes ahead for DWTS during an episode of The Talk that is set to air next week. Tom and Erin may be gone, but Carrie Ann does not currently see any departures from the judges panel.

“As of now, that is the plan,” Carrie Ann said in response to whether she, Bruno, and Len will all be back this fall.

“I just want everybody to know Len, Bruno, and I, that is the plan that we’re coming back,” she detailed.

There have been changes made to the judges panel over the years, but Carrie Ann and Bruno have always been the constant. Len took a break from judging, primarily due to the fact he typically doles out scores for both the U.S.-based series as well as Strictly Come Dancing in the U.K.

However, he’s been back on the U.S. show for a while, and it doesn’t sound as if he is planning on going anywhere.

Fans are not necessarily happy about the decision to bring in Tyra Banks to replace Tom and Erin. However, Carrie Ann has already said she’s excited about having Tyra joining the series.

Specifics regarding the celebrities joining Season 29 this fall will be announced at a later date, and the same holds true for the group of professional dancers who will be hitting the dance floor. However, it seems that some details of the new season will be formally revealed soon.

“They’re going to make the official announcement in a few weeks. They’re just going to keep letting us know all the details. I don’t want people to worry,” Carrie Ann said in the episode of The Talk.

Hopefully, these reassurances will help some of the show’s fans who have been a bit worried. Carrie Ann noted that everything seems like it will be okay, and long-time Dancing with the Stars viewers hope that is truly the case.

Season 29 is slated to debut in September if all goes according to plan.

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