WWE News: Former Superstar Claims Vince McMahon Changed His Name Because He Is Jewish

Vince McMahon cuts a promo on WWE television.

Colt Cabana appeared on the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted, during which he recalled his time in WWE. When he competed for Vince McMahon’s company between 2007 and 2010, he wrestled under the name Scotty Goldman. According to the former superstar, he may have been given that persona because of his Jewish heritage.

Despite establishing his character and reputation as Cabana on the independent circuit, the AEW star explained that the WWE chairman decided to change his name after learning about his religious background.

“I tried to show up and be Colt Cabana. My name was quickly changed. At that point, they were changing a lot of people’s names. I got a couple of stories of where Goldman came from. I heard Vince was like, is he really Jewish? They were like, yeah, I guess. All right, Goldman. I don’t know why Scotty.”

Cabana didn’t appear totally certain that the story was true, but presented it as a rumor going around backstage. It’s possible that he was being trolled, though the random nature of the WWE machine has a history of renaming its performers. Some of these changes have also bewildered many fans and pundits.

While the promotion tends to give performers new names for copyright and merchandise reasons, it’s not uncommon for established stars to have their personas changed or altered. This was evidenced recently when Chad Gable became Shorty G, and Buddy Murphy had his moniker shortened to his surname.

Cabana’s story suggests that company officials have random reasons for giving performers the names they have. He doesn’t think that his other moniker set him up for much success in the sports entertainment promotion. During the interview, he recalled how his stint on the main roster was short-lived and disappointing.

He discussed the match in which he was squashed by Brian Kendrick in under two minutes. The company was building Kendrick for a main event program at the time, and Cabana was used as an enhancement talent. This match was arguably Cabana’s most notable contribution to the televised product, though he did receive some entertaining vignettes on SmackDown.

Since parting ways with his old employer, Cabana has found success as a wrestler, podcaster and comedian. He joined AEW earlier this year, where he is currently featured in a substantial storyline involving the Dark Order.

He’s also allowed to be himself and retain ownership of the gimmick that made him a household name, which he didn’t get to use during his previous foray into mainstream wrestling.