Saints’ Cameron Jordan Teeters Between A ‘Four And A Seven’ When It Comes To Confidence A Season Will Happen

Cam Jordan #94 of the New Orleans Saints during the NFC Divisional Playoff.
Chris Graythen / Getty Images

New Orleans Saints star Cameron Jordan is mostly confident the 2020 NFL season will happen, but that confidence apparently wavers from time to time. Luke Johnson of the Times-Picayune spoke with Jordan on Thursday and the defensive star said his confidence level the season will be played teeters between a “four and a seven.”

Jordan was one of those who went out of his way to try and keep himself and his family safe in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. He stayed in New Orleans in order to limit travel. However, he told Johnson he understood the ability to avoid the risk of infection was going to be quite a bit more difficult in the coming days.

Jordan’s teammates are due to head to town in order to start training camp in just a few days. He said he’s entering a brand new kind of world when camp kicks off.

“At the end of the day, I hit people for a living, so the transmission of bodily fluid is bound to happen,” Jordan said.

He also told the reporter that his concerns about the virus have tamped down his excitement over the coming season. He added he’s not at all excited about having 90 different people, from all over the country, in the same building for the next few weeks.

“There’s always a level of excitement to be back in the building with guys you know you’ve put in work with, guys you’re looking forward to seeing,” he said. “At the same time, there’s that unknown factor.

Cam Jordan #94 of the New Orleans Saints celebrates after a sack
  Kevin C. Cox / Getty Images

He added the problem is the unknown. He’s not sure whether or not the NFL has everything ready to go for 2020. The NFL and the NFLPA have been talking over the last few days, trying to nail everything down.

However, he said he’s seen other sports leagues believe they have everything worked out, only to have tests take too long to come back. In the NBA, players managed to become infected with the coronavirus while they were supposed to be in a “bubble.”

Johnson said Jordan’s concerns are likely being echoed by other players around the league. It’s one of the reasons there hasn’t been an agreement between the commissioner’s office and the player’s union yet.

Concerns about how 2020 can be played have been voiced by others through the media and on Twitter and Facebook.

There is one issue Jordan is more certain about, however. After suffering an injury in 2019 that required surgery in the offseason, the star defender said he’s feeling healthy and ready to go.

“I’m, like, right there. If we start camp in two weeks like we’re supposed to, we’re perfect, we’re golden.” he said.