Kayla Itsines Puts Fitness-Honed Figure On Display In Inner-Thigh Workout

Fitness trainer Kayla Itsines posted a new workout video to social media platform Instagram on Thursday, July 16, in which she showed her 12.6 million followers how to strengthen their inner thighs.

The Australian native carried out the workout in an indoor space where she spread a gray exercise mat on a brown area rug. The trainer incorporated a chair into the first exercise and a pink foam roller into the last. She wore an all-black outfit that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The bra included a scooped neckline and extended to the top of her rib cage, giving viewers an eyeful of her toned abdomen.

The leggings rose to her belly button and featured white stripes and rings around the thighs and upper calves. They extended to her ankles, giving way to a pair of white sneakers. Kayla wore her straight, brunette locks styled in a ponytail and accessorized with a beige exercise watch.

In the video, the fitness trainer performed six different exercises, relying on body weight for resistance. In the first video clip, Kayla demonstrated the Copenhagen plank using the chair. She placed one foot on the seat of the chair and pressed the other underneath the seat while supporting her weight on one bent arm.

The second move in the routine was the sumo squat pulse. Kayla held her hands clasped at her chest and lowered her body into a squat. Holding the position, she pulsed into the squat for an added burn. The third slide showed the lateral lunge, in which Kayla stepped out with one leg into a lunge and then switched sides.

In the fourth clip, Kayla performed a set of curtsy lunges, completing a total of 10 on each side. She followed up the lunges with plank jacks, jumping in and out at a quick clip. The final slide featured the glute bridge hold. Kayla placed the foam roller between her thighs and pushed her hips off the floor, holding the position for half a minute.

In the caption of the post, Kayla told her followers that while it is impossible to reduce fat in one specific area, it is possible to train and strengthen the muscles in any given area. She added that the inner thigh workout can be tacked onto her trainees’ lower body day.

The post earned more than 45,000 likes and nearly 630 comments from adoring fans, making it one of her more popular videos.

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