Jeanette Jenkins Shows Off Muscular Figure In New Workout Video

Fitness model Jeanette Jenkins posted a new workout video to social media platform Instagram on Thursday, July 16, in which she used dumbbells to tone her entire figure.

The fitness trainer wore a sports bra and leggings in a coral color for her workout. The top featured a halter-style back, a low neckline, and extra material down her midsection. The leggings rose high on her hips and extended to her ankles, hugging her curves and muscular legs. Jeanette added a pair of white sneakers to complete the outfit while accessorizing with a light-pink exercise watch. She wore her long, dark tresses styled in a high bun to keep her hair out of her face while she trained.

Jeanette’s dumbbell drill included five exercises that were spread across various slides in the post. It took place at an outdoor gym space where a large, black mat was spread across the ground. The model began the routine with reverse lunges to front kicks, ending with shoulder presses. Holding a dumbbell in each hand, Jeanette pushed them above her head and brought them down as she extended one leg back into a lunge. As she came out of the lunge, she kicked her foot forward.

In the second video, the model performed single-leg deadlifts to knee-ups. In this move, Jeanette left her arms at her sides while holding the weights in each hand. She lifted one leg out behind her and then brought it through to bring her knee up to hip level. The third exercise was the single-leg deadlift hold with a back row. Balancing on one foot, Jeanette brought the dumbbells into chest level, repeating the move several times.

The fourth exercise was the squat with shoulder presses. Jeanette dropped her lower body into a squat and as she came out of it, she pushed her arms up toward the sky. The final slide showed the stationary lunge with bicep curl. With one foot extended behind her, the trainer bent her legs and curled her arms to train her biceps.

In the caption of the post, Jeanette told her followers that it was day four of her Summer Body Bootcamp. The workout of the day was a 72-minute “Drop Set Chisel” and “Hot Body Bootcamp Abs.” Trainees also had the choice to complete the 35-minute “Beginner’s Sculpt.” All routines could be found on The Hollywood Trainer Club’s website.

The post earned several thousand likes and dozens of comments within the first day.

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