Jasmine Sanders Wears Gold Chain-Link, More Teaser Photos From Upcoming ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue’

Stunning model Jasmine Sanders thrilled fans with another pair of sizzling photos from this season’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, which hits stands next Tuesday, July 21. An hour after the post hit Instagram on Thursday, over 14,000 fans had hit the “like” button.

Jasmine got pulses racing in 2019 as Sports Illustrated‘s “Rookie of the Year,” and, according to her “Meet Your Cover Model” interview on the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit website, this year she’ll grace two of the coveted magazine covers, as well as posing for other shoots within the 2020 edition.

In her most recent Instagram images, she posed on an expanse of shimmering sand, with a pale blue ocean glistening behind her that almost disappeared into the cerulean sky at the horizon.

The photographs exuded an alluring warmth — from the tropical environment to the stellar lighting and amazing ensemble. All of these aspects combined together perfectly accentuated Jasmine’s already extraordinary beauty.

Most of her incredible physique was bare and exquisitely sun-kissed. Jasmine wore a spectacularly designed triangle top constructed from perfectly aligned rows of small chain-link. All of her smooth skin could be seen between each metal ring.

Beneath the glamorous top, she wore an exceptionally tiny bikini that left very little to the imagination. Both pieces were made from minute triangles of gold lamé fabric that only covered her most necessary bits. They were held together by what could only be described as a set of shimmering strings.

In the first image, Jasmine reclined on her belly in the sand and propped herself up on one elbow. It appears that the corresponding knee was bent, which rotated her hips to one side and revealed the roundness of her curvaceous derrière.


She gazed at the camera with her intensely gorgeous eyes and a small smile played upon her lips. Her honey-blond curls cascaded across her shoulders and appeared to blow in the beachy breeze.

A small tattoo was visible on her inner upper right arm. It was designed to look like a stamp and read “Made in Germany” in capital letters.

The second image captured her sitting down, facing one side to the camera. Her knees were bent and spread wide apart. She kept her feet together and she leaned forward slightly to rest her hands atop her ankles. Half of her slender figure was dusted in sand.

She gently rested her chin over her left shoulder and seductively parted her lips as she looked at the camera.