Catherine Giudici Shares One Of The First Snapshots Captured Of She And Sean Lowe Together

Catherine Giudici took to Instagram on Thursday, July 16, to share one of the first snapshots of she and her now-husband Sean Lowe together. She also shared a secret from the filming process of his season of The Bachelor.

In the sweet throwback photo, Giudici and Lowe were sitting together in the backseat of a vehicle. Giudici lay across Lowe's lap, looking up to him with a smile upon her face. She had on a long-sleeved knit sweater and her long dark brown hair was in a bit of disarray. Lowe wore a thick sweater and tilted his head as he shot a smile at the camera. The pair exuded happiness and love but at that point in time did not yet know they would end up together at the end of the season.

The photo was taken just after the day portion of Lowe and Giudici's first one-on-one date together without any other contestants present, Giudici explained in the caption of the post. The couple was to be driven in two separate vehicles to a new location where they would spend the evening portion of their date. Desperate for more time together, they pleaded with producers to allow them to ride in the same car together.

While such an exception is typically quite rare, producers eventually gave in and allowed this. The stipulation was that Lowe and Giudici could not speak to one another as producers wanted to catch their interactions on camera. This did not keep the pair from savoring the one-on-one time together. They held hands and cuddled during the drive, which Giudici now says is when she thinks she likely started falling for Lowe.

The sweet post racked up plenty of likes, surpassing 100,000 quickly. Many fans took to the comments section to voice their admiration of the couple and share their thoughts on the sweet story.

"That's so interesting to know - thanks for sharing a personal story! You are the best outcome of the franchise! Love you and your whole family!" one social media user wrote.

"Absolutely love this! Thank you for sharing the parts that weren't shown that are the most important," another person wrote.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, Lowe and Giudici are now happily married and share three children together -- Samuel, Isaiah and Mia. Lowe recently revealed that they are planning to one day welcome an additional child into their family, perhaps by the process of adoption.