Robot Sex Poll Reveals Quite A Few Americans Would

Would you have sex with a robotic servant? One in ten of you said “yes,” according to a recent robot sex poll.

Okay, so it’s not completely a robot sex poll per se, but that’s definitely where all of the interesting questions were. The poll was conducted by The Huffington Post and YouGov, and talked all things robot.

Mostly, Americans surveyed seemed to accept a vision of the future that included robots in every day life. Robot servants driving our cars, going shopping, cleaning our houses, even robot soldiers fighting our wars for us were pretty readily accepted by many respondents who have apparently never seen a sci-fi film in their lives.

But the poll also posed some difficult, ethically murky questions as well. Should we push off our elderly into the care of robots? Should we replace personal sex partners with robots built to our specifications?

Of the 1,000 adult surveyed, nine percent said that they had no qualms sleeping with a sexbot. When asked if having sexual relations with a robot constituted cheating, 42 percent of Americans said it does, 31 percent said it doesn’t and 26 percent were unsure. Try telling your wives “it doesn’t” or you’re “not sure.”

Outside of using robots for sex, one-third of respondents admitted they would want a robot servant, 58 percent expect robots to be cleaning our homes by 2030, and 48 percent believe that robots will be used in the military that same year.

What do you think? Are robot slaves in our not-so-distant future? What do you think about the ethical ramifications of having sexbots? You can read the poll results here.

[Image via: Sarah Holmlund,]