‘Dancing With The Stars’ Fans Threaten to Boycott Show After Bombshell Firings Of Tom Bergeron & Erin Andrews

Dancing with the Stars fans are not happy following the shocking firings of longtime hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews. The ABC hosts were let go from their jobs on the ABC celebrity ballroom competition as the show heads in a new creative direction.

After the bombshell firing was announced by the network and confirmed by Bergeron on Twitter and Instagram, fans flocked to social media to react to the ousting of the original DWTS host after 28 seasons as well his seasoned sidekick, who joined the show in 2014.

In comments on Twitter, many longtime Dancing with the Stars fans expressed disappointment over the casting shakeup and threatened to boycott the show they have watched since 2005.

“I am so disappointed by DWTS!” one fan wrote on Twitter. “I think we should all boycott the next season if Tom is not the host!… I will NOT be watching DWTS any longer! I encourage everyone to do the same!

“People with no brains are running DWTS,” another added. “Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews will not be hosting? Big mistake…It won’t be DWTS without them. I, for one, am removing DWTS from my watch list. Sorry DWTS – you just killed the show.”

“Well I boycotted DWTS because of [Sean] Spicer maybe I’ll just boycott the whole damned thing now that Bergeron and Andrews are out… It won’t be the same without them,” another added.

“When are we starting the BOYCOTT DWTS hashtag? Now? Okay great! #BoycottDWTS” another tweeted.

Other fans felt Bergeron’s firing was politically motivated. The former Dancing with the Stars host has been vocal about his disdain for the Donald Trump administration and made headlines last year for publicly dissing DWTS producers after they cast former White House press secretary Sean Spicer as a contestant for Season 28.

At the time, Bergeron said he had hoped there would be no divisive contestants cast on the show from any political affiliations.

Based on the reaction to the surprising news, most fans will miss the Dancing With the Stars duo. Bergeron was known for his sense of humor, but he also kept cool under pressure. One of his most notable on-the-fly comments came when contestant Marie Osmond fainted during a live show in 2007 and he cut to commercial without missing a beat.

Andrews was also praised for using her skills as a sideline reporter to give Dancing with the Stars more of a “competitive” feel.

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