Jinger Duggar Visits ‘Pretty Woman’ Shop With Jana & Makes A Big Purchase

Jinger Duggar made a pricey purchase when she took her older sister Jana shopping on Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills, California. As reported by People, the two sisters visited Boulmiche, the clothing boutique featured in the movie Pretty Woman.

Fans will get to watch Jinger, 26, and Jana, 30, go shopping at the famous filming location during Tuesday’s episode of Counting On. However, in a sneak peek video, the siblings weren’t shown discussing the cinematic history of Boulmiche.

The store gained fame after Julia Roberts’ beloved streetwalker character, Vivian Ward, attempted to shop there in the 1990 movie Pretty Woman. Because Vivian had on her revealing street clothes, snooty employees refused to help her. She later got her revenge when she returned with bags full of expensive apparel from other shops.

Luckily for Jana and Jinger, the employees they encountered were friendly and helpful. However, it was Jinger who acted as fashion consultant for her older sister. Jana revealed that she and Jinger have very different tastes when it comes to clothes, saying that her younger sibling favors patterns and bright colors. While neither is Jana’s style, Jinger convinced her to try on both. Unfortunately, she wasn’t a fan of the leopard-print maxi skirt and baggy orange sweater she decided to experiment with. She described the combination as “bulky.”

Although Jana didn’t find any items that she wanted to purchase, she said that she had “fun” trying on different things. As for Jinger, she fell in love with a gray fitted blazer. The garment featured a classic plaid print with a subtle hint of pink.

Jinger has seriously upped her style game after she and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, moved to California. When she was growing up with her family in Arkansas, her parents would often talk about how they preferred buying used clothing at thrift shops to save money. However, Jinger’s brand-new designer jacket cost $300.

The podcast host listed off a few reasons explaining why she felt that she just had to buy the garment. She said she’d been looking for a jacket like it for a while and she pointed out that it was a high-quality piece she would be able to wear for a long time.

“It fit like it was tailored for me,” Jinger stated. “This is going to make Jeremy so happy. He’s not even going to know what to do with himself.”

In a separate talking-head segment, Jeremy was asked to describe his own style. He initially said that his look is “grandpa-esque,” but he later revised his self-assessment of his fashion choices to make his taste in clothing sound a bit more refined.

“I like to dress sharp. I like dressing up. Let’s say timeless,” he said.

Jeremy wasn’t asked what he thought about the price of Jinger’s blazer, but her father was.

“I’ve never spent $300 on one clothing item,” Jim Bob Duggar said. “It must be one nice jacket.”

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