Brittany Aldean Posts Adorable Photo With Her Pups In Stunning Living Room

Gorgeous Instagram celebrity Brittany Aldean shared a sweet photo with her two dogs, Saint and Mia, at their home on Monday afternoon. The candid image received over 25,000 likes in the first hour it was online.

The wife of country singer Jason Aldean and self-proclaimed “lover of animals” was pictured crouched on one knee next to her canine friends in her enormous living room. The trio was placed at the edge of a gray carpet with black edging in the center of the space.

She leaned forward across her bent left knee with both arms extended toward the two dogs.

Saint sat with his sleek body facing the camera and turned his torso and head toward Brittany. He stretched his front left paw toward her, and the two politely shook hands. He appeared to be a very proud boy.

Tiny Mia sat between the two; her stout little body also faced the camera. She raised her chin toward Brittany with her eyes closed contentedly. Brittany cupped Mia’s fluffy chest in a gentle caress.

Brittany wore charcoal running pants that seemed to be constructed out of soft, supple velour and black high top sneakers with white soles.

Her beautiful platinum mane spilled over her back and left shoulder, making it difficult to discern what style top she wore. A glimpse of Brittany’s beaming profile was partially visible through the wavy tendrils of hair.

The spacious room in which they were photographed was modern and elegant. The color scheme was primarily monochrome with a striking pop of the electric blue couch in the background.

An immense row of floor-to-ceiling windows on one side revealed what appeared to be an immaculately designed covered outdoor patio.

A collection of crystal lighting fixtures suspended from the center of the raised ceiling provided additional visual interest.

Many of Brittany’s 1.6 Instagram followers responded to her accompanying caption with wholehearted agreement. A number of fans also admired her beautiful home.

“Awww!! Omg! My heart just melted. I love dogs soooooo much! Yours are adorable beyond words,” gushed one fan.

“I love this!???? Hi Saint and Mia! This is definitely a framer!” declared a second person, who was impressed the photograph.

“Now that you have that house, you can have 20,” mused a third follower, referring to the immense size of the home and the number of canines she could adopt.

Omg….I cannot get enough of your houseeeeeeeeee!” chimed in a fourth person.