‘General Hospital’ Weekly Preview: Willow & Michael Are Heartbroken While Charlotte’s Struggling

Chad Duell, Sofia Mattsson, Kaitlyn MacMullen, and Josh Swickard star on 'General Hospital'
Todd Wawrychuk / ABC

During the week of July 13, fans of General Hospital will revisit the action that played out in Port Charles throughout late April and the month of May. Viewers were left hanging on many fronts when ABC had to shift from new content to reruns in late May. With this slate of reruns, people may pick up on some tidbits they missed the first time around.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Monday’s encore episode will be the show that originally aired on April 28. This was when Molly revealed her big secret to Kristina, while young Charlotte stressed over all the changes and chaos coming from the adults in her life.

Charlotte was upset by Jax and Nina’s developing romance, and by the fact that Lulu and Valentin were battling for custody of her. Charlotte blew up after seeing Jax and Nina kiss, and Lulu rushed to the Crimson offices once she heard about the outburst.

Jason and Sonny met with Cyrus, although neither party in the mob war was truly committed to deescalating the battle.

As the week continues, General Hospital viewers will see additional episodes in the same order as they originally aired in April and May.

Jeff Kober plays Cyrus Renault on 'General Hospital'
  Nick Agro / ABC

This means that fans will see the emotional aftermath of Sasha and Chase’s fake affair again. Finn almost immediately saw through it, and it did not take long for Carly to figure it out either. However, Michael and Willow were both devastated by the betrayal, which they thought was legitimate.

Cameron and Trina will be seen trying to move forward after their kidnapping and recent kiss. Additionally, during these episodes, viewers will see Molly’s decision to hold back on telling TJ about sleeping with Brando. Sam confronted Brando at the garage over the Molly situation, and he considered leaving Port Charles.

General Hospital teasers also note that these episodes will show Neil and Julian butting heads over Alexis. Due to Julian’s outburst, both Neil and Alexis landed in hot water with their respective licensing bodies. Alexis slipped and drank again over all the drama, something that Julian blamed Neil for at the time.

This week of encore episodes also takes fans back to some juicy moments involving Nelle and Martin. Nelle was scrambling to figure out how to gain an edge over Michael in their custody battle over Wiley. Viewers learned over the spring that Martin was secretly coordinating with Valentin in the midst of all of this.

The cast and crew have been on hiatus since mid-March due to the coronavirus pandemic. They are hoping to return to the set soon, meaning that new episodes could begin airing again on ABC in a month or so. The latest reports signaled that production was hoping to resume during the week of July 20, but the situation remains fluid.

Fans are very anxious to have new episodes of General Hospital airing again and this week’s run of encore shows should whet everybody’s appetite for what’s coming soon.