Suge Knight Arrested On Assault Charges After Car Chase, Cops Had Guns Drawn

For Suge Knight, 2013 is ending with yet another arrest. But this time he was innocent...?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, seeing Suge Knight arrested isn't exactly a new occurrence. In the last several years he's been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon and also for marijuana possession.

Just this year Knight ditched on a court case and was arrested based upon an outstanding warrant because of a traffic stop violation back in September. The most recent incident was simply for driving without a license, so Suge Knight is in the middle of a three-year unsupervised probation and his license is suspended.

The former Death Row Records owner spent his Black Friday in Los Angeles only to be chased down by police officers, who emerged from their vehicles with their guns drawn and ready to shoot if Suge Knight even twitched funny. Knight didn't fight back and the stand off ended with him being escorted to the police station where the whole incident was cleared up.

It turns out someone had reported an assault where the suspect matched Suge Knight's description. The police apparently believe the assault allegations were bogus and he was released fairly quickly.

But Suge' arrest probably won't end that simply. Unnamed sources claim Mr. Knight is considering a lawsuit against the Los Angeles Police Department for the false arrest even though it seems likely the whole thing was a hoax.

Do you think Suge Knight should sue the police or should he just be happy he's not in jail?