Demi Lovato Jokes About Her ‘Awkward’ Scenes On ‘Camp Rock’ Via Instagram

Demi Lovato recently went back in time to watch herself in the first Camp Rock movie.

Lovato shared several clips on her Instagram stories of her viewing the film at home on Saturday, July 11. The first video showed Lovato, who played Mitchie Torres in the Disney Channel films, cackling in the background while she watched a scene between her and Alyson Stoner. In the scene, Stoner confronted Lovato’s character for lying about who she was at the beginning of the film.

“It’s crazy when I watch this now I see @maddelagarza,” Lovato captioned the clip, referring to her half-sister and fellow actress, Madison De La Garza.

She continued to show more clips from the movie and made fun of herself along the way. Lovato commented on her appearance back then and several looks she made for the camera in multiple scenes. In one instance, she laughed as her character beamed with excitement while listening to one of the artists from the fictional music camp. The actress also pointed out how uncomfortable she looked again in a scene with her co-star and former boyfriend, Joe Jonas.

“The amount of awkward f*cking things I did in this movie…I can’t,” Lovato shared.

Although she taunted herself throughout most of her scenes, she did say she’s still a fan of some of the music from the movie. She recorded another scene of her and Stoner singing “Our Time Is Here” from the movie.

“This sh*t still slaps not gonna lie…” she said of the 2008 hit.

According to People, Camp Rock was Lovato’s first Disney Channel film. The original movie also starred the Jonas Brothers at the beginning of their careers. It remains the third-highest viewed movie of all time on the network. Following the success of the first movie, Disney Channel launched Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam in 2010, followed by a tour that included Lovato, The Jonas Brothers and the rest of the Camp Rock cast. After Camp Rock, Lovato stayed on with the Disney Channel to star in her own show, Sonny With A Chance.

Seven years after the sequel to Camp Rock, Lovato shared that she would be open to a third installment of the Disney musical. However, she said she’s only interested in shooting a more adult version of Camp Rock to reflect where she and the cast are today. Nick also expressed his desire to go back to their stomping grounds at the time.

“We want to come out with an R-Rated Camp Rock 3,” she shared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. “I mean, all of our fans have now grown up and so anybody that watched Camp Rock is now older and can appreciate it.”

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