‘Counting On’ Season 11 Premiere Reveals How The Duggars Are Dealing With The COVID-19 Pandemic

Season 11 of Counting On premieres on TLC on Tuesday, July 7, with plenty of pregnancies and a possible new courtship on the horizon. However, the first episode will deal with a more serious topic. Most members of the Duggar family will be discussing how they have been dealing with the coronavirus outbreak for the past few months.

In a sneak peek clip that was shared on TLC’s Instagram on Monday, the Duggars were seen doing what they could to protect their loved ones and seemingly taking the virus seriously. In the clip, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, and some of their older kids, were voicing their concerns on how the pandemic would affect everyone and the fear that has spread because of it. Empty store shelves and social distancing stickers on the floor were quickly scanned as well.

The married couples who are living away from their parents and younger siblings will also discuss how they have been coping with not being able to be around the rest of the family. Jinger and Jeremy Vuolo, who live the farthest away in Los Angeles, had been in lockdown for a month, as Jinger mentioned when she was filming from their home. She had no words to describe it, except for calling it “weird.”

Also in the video clip, Jessa Seewald admitted how hard it is to explain what is happening to young kids. Her oldest child, Spurgeon, 4, was shown crawling around on the floor saying something that he may have heard his family talk about.

“We have talking viruses in here,” Spurgeon said in his little boy voice.

John David and Abbie Duggar also mentioned that they were staying home most of the time with their 6-month-old baby girl, Grace Annette. The reality stars had previously admitted that they were having groceries delivered to their door just so they could keep their family of three safe.

The Duggar family seemingly kept in touch through technology, as the sneak peek revealed the families chatting together on some type of video chat platform. That was their way of keeping everyone updated and the closest that they could get to each other at that time.

The Duggar girls also sewed together cloth masks for their family members. They delivered them to their doorsteps while making sure that they kept 6 feet apart.

All of this and more is expected to be shown on tonight’s two-hour premiere of Counting On at 8 p.m. ET on TLC.

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