Hanna Oberg Sports Tight-Fitting Booty Shorts For New Workout Video

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Fitness model Hanna Oberg added a new workout video to her Instagram collection on Monday. In the clip, she trained her booty.

For the workout, the fitness trainer sported a gray baggy crop top with white cuffs and embellishments around the neck and down the seams. The top ended just below the start of the model’s rib cage, teasing a bit of toned tummy. On her lower half, Hanna wore blue booty shorts made of spandex material that hugged her sculpted hips, backside, and upper thighs. Ending at the tops of her thighs, the shorts left the length of Hanna’s bulky quad and calf muscles on display.

Hanna completed the outfit with a pair of white, clear, and black Nike sneakers and white socks that extended past her ankles. She scooped her brunette waves back into a ponytail to keep her hair from falling in her face during her workout and also appeared to have added a touch of eye makeup and lip gloss.

The booty workout consisted of four different exercises, each split into an individual video clip in the post. Hanna carried out the workout at the gym and made use of a variety of equipment and machines found in the space.

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“SIDE” BOOTY be sure to LIKE ???? & save the video for later round round ???? with some “side” bootey moves!! easy, isolating & basic exercises is allll we need sometimes. reaching out to tell y’all that the so called “side” booty is the fibers of your GLUTEUS MEDIUS. for that round peachy to happen we need all the areas to weeerk. let’s get it SIDE NOTE: spotting!! my man, the father of my baby boy, my best friend and my colleague ???? wanted to highlight Robin today for everything that he’s doing for me. always supporting me, being there for me and believing in me. crawling around in the gym recording. helping me with my job in the same time at he takes care of Ari, Collin and our lives meanwhile I have to work in between. I LOVE YOU & I APPRECIATE YOU METHOD: 1️⃣ Pause side lying leg lifts (HEAVY) 3set x 10reps go heavy with the weights, lats 2-3 reps should be a real struggle 2️⃣ Reversed hyper 3set x 20reps range of motion like a V 3️⃣ Pulse banded glute brides 3set x 20reps 4️⃣ Curtsy lunge to leg raise 3set x 12reps each leg Song is: good in bed - dua lipa AD wearing @gymshark legacy shorts & crop top ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

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Before jumping into the workout, Hanna was filmed from behind as she showed off her enviable figure, drawing the eye to her sculpted backside. She popped one hip to the side to emphasize her curves and shot the camera a close-lipped smile over one shoulder. The model then began her workout with pause side lying leg lifts, using a plate weight on one leg. In the second video, Hanna performed reverse hypers, lying on an exercise bench with her legs extended behind her.

The third exercise in the routine was the pulse banded glute bridge. Hanna was featured on her back with her legs bent and a resistance band positioned around her thighs as she carried out the move. The final exercise in the booty workout was the curtsy lunge to leg raise.

In the caption of the post, the model wrote out the exercises and specified the number of sets and reps her followers should do for each. Hanna added a few tips as well to help her trainees properly execute each move. The booty workout earned nearly 30,000 likes and close to 200 comments within the first day.

“You’re my favorite of all the fitness pages.. I swear,” one Instagram user wrote in the comments section of the post.