DeSean Jackson Comes Under Fire After Sharing Quotes Attributed To Louis Farrakhan, Hitler

DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles looks on prior to the game against the Chicago Bears
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Philadelphia Eagles star DeSean Jackson came under fire on Monday night after several posts on his Instagram page came to light. Peter Hasson of the Daily Caller reported that the wide receiver shared quotes and snippets with his 1.3 million followers of interviews from Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and conspiracy theories about Jewish people attributed to Adolph Hitler.

Hasson said that Jackson repeatedly posted comments from Farrakhan, who he said is a well-known anti-Semite. Jackson also purportedly posted images of text that were said to be from Hitler that claimed Jews are keeping America from finding out that Black people are “the real Children of Israel.”

Jackson also reportedly shared a video of Melinda Gates – the wife of billionaire Microsoft founder Bill Gates – talking about the development of a coronavirus vaccine. In the caption of the photo, the receiver added a note attacking her.

“Disgusting a– [people]!! You get the vaccination first… dumb broad!!”

Jackson then posted a page from the book The Hidden Treasure That Lies in Plain Sight 4: The Day of the Lord and the End of America. The book’s author, Jeremy Shorter, wrote a quote he attributed to Hitler that claims that Black people are the “real Children of Israel” and that Jewish people will “blackmail America” to keep that secret safe.

DeSean Jackson of the Philadelphia Eagles catches a third quarter touchdown pass against the Washington Redskins
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The Eagles‘ star eventually deleted the post and then put the page back up, heavily highlighted and blacked out. He stated on his Instagram page that people who thought he was saying something negative about Jewish people didn’t understand what he was trying to get at and that he didn’t have any hate for anyone.

The new posting featured a section that was highlighted.

“The[y] will extort America, their plan for world domination won’t work if the Negroes know who they were.”

A closer look at the page made it appear that the passage was referring to Jewish people.

Over the weekend, Jackson posted a video featuring Farrakhan claiming a coronavirus vaccine was actually a plot to depopulate the planet. Along with the video, he posted a caption praising the Nation of Islam leader’s comments.

“This man powerful I hope everyone got a chance to watch this!! Don’t be blinded. Know what’s going on!!”

On Twitter, The Young Turks host Emma Vigeland posted that when she saw the Daily Caller article, she was prepared to defend Jackson, until she saw what he wrote.

The official account of The Sleeping Giants, a group that says it’s dedicated to fighting bigotry, posted a tweet saying the comments Jackson made were “going to take days” to figure out and the social media platform wasn’t the place to work it all out. The group added that the short version of its take was that his posts were “bad.”