Patrick Mahomes Reportedly Signs 10-Year Extension With Kansas City Chiefs

Patrick Mahomes has reportedly signed a new 10-year extension with the Kansas City Chiefs. The quarterback will be with his current team through at least the 2031 season according to Adam Schefter, who first reported about the new contract on Twitter. Since the former NFL MVP and current Super Bowl champion still had two years left on his rookie contract, the deal means he could be with the Chiefs for 12 more years total.

The signing comes after an offseason where a deal first appeared imminent but then looked like it might have to be put on the back burner. The team made it known shortly after the Chiefs won the Super Bowl that it wanted Mahomes to remain a member of the franchise for the rest of his career.

As the spring and summer wore on and the coronavirus pandemic reportedly put the 2020 season in doubt, there were some analysts around the team who wondered whether or not the front office would have to wait until the 2021 offseason to get a new contract with Mahomes. If the reports are true, then the front office found a way to get it done after all.

The news of Mahomes being locked down for an additional decade has spurred some analysts to question the wisdom of the deal. NFL insider Dov Kleiman said in a tweet that has since been deleted that this would be just the second 10-year contract in NFL history. Michael Vick was the first to receive such a deal, getting a 10-year, $130 million contract with the Atlanta Falcons in 2005. Vick never saw the end of that contract as he was released by the Falcons in 2009, five years before it was set to run out.

Pro Football Talk‘s official Twitter account pointed out in a post that Mahomes’ new contract is likely to cause significant issues with the Chiefs when it comes to the salary cap.

“The only way the Patrick Mahomes deal makes any sense for the player is if he has become the first player in league history to be guaranteed a percentage of the salary cap on a multi-year deal.”

If and when the deal becomes official, it would mean that Mahomes will be 37-years-old when it expires, all but guaranteeing he will play the vast majority, if not the entirety of his career with the Chiefs.

Mahomes will be playing in his fourth rookie year in the league when the 2020 season kicks off, according to The Inquisitr. He spent his rookie year in 2017 largely as a backup, starting one game. The Chiefs won that start, as he threw for 284 yards. He became the full-time starter in 2018 and finished that season as the league’s MVP. In 2019, his third year in the NFL, he led the Chiefs to a comeback victory over the San Francisco 49ers to win the Super Bowl.

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