Peyton Manning Hits Eric Decker With Fake Training Bill [Photo]

Peyton Manning has been keeping busy this offseason, training with Broncos wide receivers Wes Welker, Eric Decker and Demaryius Thomas at Duke University.

And, when he’s not been practising with his team-mates, he’s been pranking them.

The image below was shared on Twitter by Eric Decker. It’s a phony, semi-convincing “Duke Football” invoice that purportedly charged Decker $3,217.50 for a variety of services, including laundry, taping, the use of Duke University facilities, and, best of all, “Airport Shuttle – FREE”

This, as it turns out, was the work of one Peyton Manning.

“Nice little practical joke Peyton drew up… making me think I have to pay for workouts in Duke t/week,” tweeted Decker.

The 26-year-old wide receiver then confessed the wily old fox had gotten the better of him… for a while:

“I didn’t add t/$ amount up at dinner… especially when I thought it was a volunteer workout ha! The tax and facility fee threw me off ha!!”

Despite being something of a practical joker, 37-year-old Manning remains a widely popular figure across the NFL. This is, after all the player who other NFL stars ask for an autograph.

Manning is preparing to start his 16th season as an NFL pro. It seems he’s learned a few crafty tricks along the way.