Teddi Mellencamp Looks Back On Her Most And Least Favorite Moments Of ‘RHOBH’

Teddi Mellencamp recently looked back on her most and least favorite moments on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

In a digital special shared by Bravo and transcribed by Reality Blurb on July 5, the mother of three chatted about her past seasons of the show as she sat on a bench in her Hollywood Hills, California home in a black outfit and full hair and makeup.

“The good one was when we were all in the Bahamas swimming. It was maybe one of the first times I remember all of us just truly laughing, having a good time, and fully enjoying each other’s company and our surroundings,” Teddi relayed.

After looking back at the fun vacation she had with her co-stars, Teddi said she did not have the same thoughts about her trip to Provence, France, before admitting that during the trip, she was a “hot mess express.”

During the episode in question, Teddi chatted with Lisa Rinna about the way in which she felt she was “expected to be the moral compass for everybody all of the time.” While Lisa claimed it was actually Teddi who expected that of herself, the blonde was quite tipsy and didn’t listen to anything her co-star said.

During the same trip, Kyle Richards attempted to get a very intoxicated Teddi into bed after a long day of drinking. However, after claiming to be “so hungry,” she refused to go to bed as Kyle attempted to force her to lie down.

According to Teddi, she spent the day after her drunken escapade in Provence searching for everyone who worked behind the scenes on that particular episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills in an effort to piece together her evening. Unfortunately, no one wanted to talk to her about what had happened and actually ran from her when she attempted to approach them.

Looking back, she said having to wait to find out what happened until the episode aired was absolute “torture.”

In closing, Teddi said that — as the 10th season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills continues — she’s looking forward to making many more memories with her cast mates.

Teddi Mellencamp attends the Sonic The Hedgehog Family Day Event.
Teddi Mellencamp attends the Sonic The Hedgehog Family Day Event.

As The Inquisitr previously reported, one of Teddi’s low moments of the currently airing 10th season occurred during a dinner at Kyle’s home earlier this season. As fans will recall, the blonde was slammed as “boring” by newbie Sutton Stracke on the episode as they attempted to enjoy a group meal.

Months after the insult was filmed, Sutton spoke to Hollywood Life about her awkward encounter with Teddi and said she hoped the two of them could move on from the moment and get to a better place in their relationship.

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