Lamar Odom Shows Off Neck Tattoo Of Fiancee Sabrina Parr’s Lips On Instagram

Lamar Odom shared a new tattoo that further symbolizes his love for his fiancee, Sabrina Parr.

The former Lakers star took to Instagram to show off his latest piece of art on Saturday, July 4. In the photo, Parr stared deeply at the camera and was wearing a burgundy tank top. She appeared to have on faux eyelashes and lip gloss on as she rested her head on Odom’s.

Odom looked away from the camera and kept the focus on his new tattoo. At the top of his neck, a pair of red, pursed lips were shown in the photo. Odom then shared a close-up view of his tattoo for his thousands of followers to see.

The second image shows the lips, as well as lettering underneath. His tattoo reads “babygirl” under the pair of lips.

In his caption, Odom said the tattoo was his “wedding ring,” and said he did it to keep his bride-to-be happy. Odom also said he doesn’t understand why the tattoo would offend anyone, but he wasn’t focused on any negative remarks.

Parr also posted the photo on her Instagram page and echoed Odom’s remarks.

“Oh cuz we thought somebody said something,” Parr said, followed by multiple hashtags underneath the post like, “hisbabydoll,” “mykissonhisneck,” “necktattoos,” and “nothiswifeYET.”

Parr’s caption left many of her thousands of followers to respond to the claims that social media users are upset by the couple’s relationship.

According to Us Weekly, one commenter informed Parr that no one is concerned about their relationship. The personal fitness trainer then clapped back and said the pair frequently receive harsh words regarding their engagement since they got together.

“Every SINGLE day!” Parr said of the backlash. “In the comments. In my dm’s, on his page, in real life. So much is said. This my only response. Period!”

Odom first shared that he was in a relationship with Parr in August of 2019. They became engaged the following November, with Odom gifting his love with a large pear-shaped diamond ring during their trip to Miami.

Since the news spread about their relationship and engagement, Odom has defended Parr on social media. Parr was almost instantly compared to Odom’s ex-wife, Khloe Kardashian. The former couple was married between the years 2010 and 2016.

The new tattoo on Odom’s neck comes months after he and Parr announced they had a television show in the works. As The Inquisitr previously shared, the couple partnered with For Us By Us Network to create a show about their home life.

At the time, several media personalities, including Wendy Williams, shared that the reality show might not be the best idea for their relationship.

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