Jeanette Jenkins Wears Skintight Black Leggings For Intense Glutes Workout

Jeanette Jenkins takes a mirror selfie in a swimsuit.
Jeanette Jenkins / Instagram

Fitness model Jeanette Jenkins added a new workout video to her Instagram collection on Saturday, July 4, that targeted the glute muscles.

For the workout, she flaunted her curves in an all-black outfit that consisted of a sports bra and leggings. The top included patches of gray and cut off just above her rib cage, teasing a bit of toned tummy. The eye was also drawn to Jeanette’s muscular arms, shoulders, and upper back. The tight-fitting leggings were made of a shiny material and contoured to the model’s shapely lower half, extending down to her ankles.

Jeanette chose a pair of black sneakers for footwear and wore her long, dark hair up in a bun to keep it out of her face during the workout. She also appeared to have made up her face with thick black lashes, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and lip gloss.

The workout took place in an outdoor gym where Jeanette took advantage of several pieces of exercise equipment, including a resistance band, barbell, and exercise bench. The glutes workout included 10 exercises that also trained the core muscles. The exercises were featured in separate video clips in the post.

The fitness trainer began her workout with glute leg lifts, using a bright-pink resistance band. She moved into hip/glute thrusts next, laying back on the exercise bench and lifting the barbell on her thighs. The third exercise in the routine was the squat jack. Jeanette added a bit of resistance with the band around her lower legs.

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Following the squat jack, Jeanette demonstrated deadlifts using both the barbell and resistance band. The fifth exercise was the banded jack, which the model performed at a high intensity to get her heart pumping. She performed a series of single-leg half squats next, adding a side and back tap. The seventh exercise was a reverse crunch and abduction, carried out on the exercise bench.

Jeanette showed off her glutes in the standing booty leg lift for the eighth exercise and then completed the workout with half-squat side taps and banded jacks with legs only.

In the caption of the post, Jeanette encouraged her followers to complete 10 to 15 reps of each exercise or between 30 and 60 seconds of movement. She recommended a total of two to three sets of the circuit.

The workout earned a few thousand likes and several dozen comments within the first couple hours of being posted. Many of Jeanette’s followers commented on the workout and thanked her for her videos.

“You inspire thanks this was a fun one!!” one Instagram user wrote.