Dallas Cowboys Reportedly Not Interested In David Njoku

While the Dallas Cowboys were one of the first teams mentioned when David Njoku asked for a trade from the Cleveland Browns, it appears the NFC East team might not be all that interested after all. Mike Fisher of Sports Illustrated reported on Friday that two sources from the Cowboys told him there was no interest in Njoku from that team's front office. The sources went on to say that rumors of the Cowboys' interest was an "agent creation."

Fisher said while one source posited the idea that Njoku's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, made up the rumor, another source was very succinct in the chances the Cowboys would make a deal with the Browns.

"Nope, no interest," the second source reportedly said.

Fisher pointed out that Rosenhaus is one of the best in the business at drumming up talk that his clients are the most sought-after players in the league. He added that whispering to a prominent media outlet, in this case the Cleveland Plain Dealer, is a great way to stir things up and really get the trade market going.

Tight end David Njoku of the Cleveland Browns
Getty Images | Rob Carr

Fisher also pointed out the Cowboys recently made a commitment to a young tight end in Blake Jarwin. The team is said to have quite a bit of confidence in his ability to become a real playmaker in the NFL. The team also just signed another tight end, Blake Bell. Bell is primarily a blocking tight end who most recently played with the Kansas City Chiefs. They also drafted Dalton Schultz. The team seems to be pretty stacked with tight ends.

However, Fisher also pointed out that none of that means the Cowboys wouldn't be willing to upgrade if the price was right. Njoku is still on his rookie deal. He's set to earn just $2.6 million in 2020 and $6 million in 2021.

The writer pointed out there are two things that might prove rumors of the Cowboys going after Njoku are false. The first is that the Browns are reportedly asking for a first-round pick in return for the tight end. The second is that sources who talked to Fisher were said to not have any idea that Rosenhaus is now the player's agent.

As he pointed out, it would stand to reason that a team going after the young tight end right after he asked for a trade, would know who represents him.

Fisher said rumors about Njoku and the Cowboys have been so rampant that the player they'd send in return has even been named. The writer said none of those rumblings are coming from the Lone Star State.