’90 Day Fiancé’: Ariela Expresses Mixed Feelings About Going Back To Ethiopia

This Sunday’s episode of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way will see Ariela finally returning to Ethiopia to reunite with her beau, Biniyam, according to a report from E! News.

Biniyam and Ariela met in Ethiopia while she was on a trip of self-discovery after her recent divorce. The couple immediately hit it off, and Ariela ended up spending several months with her new love in his home country. After returning to the United States, she realized she was pregnant. She began making plans to permanently relocate to Ethiopia so Biniyam could be there for the birth of their child.

In the upcoming episode, Ariela is ready to make the journey back to Ethiopia, but it seems she’s having mixed feelings.

“I was excited, but after this trip, my excitement is slowly dissipating,” the 28-year-old told cameras after she and her mother landed.

“I’m feeling a lot of mixed emotions. Biniyam and I are starting all over and I’m having the baby in less than 3 months, so there’s really not a lot of time to get to know each other again. And I’m not really sure how to handle it.”

When the two finally saw each other again, Biniyam took Ariela to their new apartment. The pregnant woman struggled to hide her disappointment at the condition of the place in front of her. There was no running water or electricity, and she began to wonder if she made the right decision.

Ariela is the second American woman to have fallen in love with Biniyam and gotten pregnant by him. The first woman promised that she would commit to building a new life with him, but she later decided to move back to the United States with their child. He told the show’s cameras that he has not been in touch with the woman or the child.

During last week’s episode, Biniyam met up with his friends to record a new song for his upcoming album. After the recording session, his friends sat him down to talk. They expressed their concerns about his relationship with Ariela and questioned whether she would do the same thing as his ex. Biniyam assured his friends that Ariela was different, and during Sunday’s upcoming episode he looked happier than ever to welcome her at the airport.

“When I see Ari pushing her cart with her pregnant belly, I felt so happy,” he says. “I’m so happy. She’s here for me because she loves me.”

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