WWE News: Former World Champion Says Company Brought Him Back ‘For The Sake Of It’

WWE superstar Sheamus was a guest on this week’s After the Bell podcast, where he discussed a variety of topics in relation to his wrestling career. During the conversation, the former World Champion revealed that he was disappointed in how he was brought back to WWE television following a long-term hiatus.

As quoted by Fightful, Sheamus noted how he was brought back “for the sake of it,” without a plan in mind for his creative direction on Friday Night SmackDown. According to the Irish superstar, it hurt what could have been an excellent storyline with Shorty G, otherwise known as Chad Gable.

“I don’t think there was a definite plan when I came back. I did a thing with Shorty G, which was disappointing because Shorty G is an awesome athlete and wrestler. We ended up doing the match at the Royal Rumble and there was nobody in the building because of some sort of ticket issue. Here I am, I haven’t wrestled in almost a year, and I’m coming back and it’s supposed to be this big thing, and I come out and there’s no one out there.”

Sheamus went on to joke about the Royal Rumble match having fewer audience members than Friday Night Smackdown at the moment. The blue brand’s weekly show is currently airing from the Performance Center due to the COVID-19 restrictions, which has resulted in only a few members of WWE’s personnel filling in for the crowd.

Sheamus also revealed the match prepared him for wrestling under the current restrictions, as it gave him experience competing in empty arenas. The superstar laughed off the situation, but his words suggest he’d have preferred to have made a bigger impact when he returned.

WWE programming during the pandemic has also seen Sheamus featured in one of the most prominent storylines. He is currently feuding with Jeff Hardy on the blue brand in a feud that’s become embroiled in controversy due to its real-life references to Hardy’s addiction and legal problems. However, Sheamus is happy with the angle so far.

As The Inquisitr reported earlier, the Irish superstar is pleased with how his promos have evolved and the backlash he’s received from lambasting Hardy has angered many wrestling fans. In Sheamus’ view, this means that he’s doing his job as a heel. The angle has even received criticism from FOX, due to the segment in which Hardy threw pee in Sheamus’ face.

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