July 3, 2020
AEW News: Brian Cage Explains Decision To Join Company, Recalls Upsetting WWE Official

Brian Cage was a guest on the latest episode of AEW Unrestricted and he discussed what motivated him to join the company in the first place. As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, the former Impact Wrestling World Champion revealed that the move made sense to him from a career standpoint, as well as an artistic one.

"I was more excited to come here than anywhere else. That wasn't the be-all and end-all, but this is where I wanted to come. Second, I felt like, for me to break through the barrier on the reach that I have had, this would help here. Most importantly, this place had the most amount of not only unique awesome matches I wanted but, so many are first-time evers and elsewhere it would be a lot of repeats. But there are so many matches I wanted and that I never had."
Cage joined the company back in February, but he experienced some delays on the way to his television debut. According to the star, he was supposed to make his first official appearance months ago, but a torn tricep injury required him to have surgery, which kept him out of action for a few months. He also revealed he was supposed to make an appearance during the Battle Royale match at 2019's Double or Nothing event.

Cage revealed he was worried AEW wouldn't sign him after he told them about the injury. However, he revealed Tony Khan and the company supported him throughout his injury, informing him he could make his debut when he was healed.

Cage was immediately thrust into a main event spotlight upon making his debut, winning a Ladder Match at this year's Double or Nothing pay-pay-view for a shot at the World Championship. He was set to face Jon Moxley for the title at next week's Fyter Fest, but the match has been delayed, as Moxley came into second-hand contact with Renee Young after she tested positive for the coronavirus.

Cage and his manager, Taz, addressed the title situation on this week's episode of the Fyter Fest event. Taz's promo reportedly annoyed some members of WWE's management team as well.

Cage also spoke about his time in WWE, where he briefly served as a developmental superstar. According to the wrestler, he received a concussion injury that almost derailed his contract signing and he rubbed Johnny Ace the wrong way after interrupting the executive backstage.

Cage didn't make a big impression in WWE for the most part and he said his career improved when he parted ways with the company.