July 3, 2020
Kristen Doute Claims She Reached Out To Faith Stowers Amid 'Vanderpump Rules' Firing

Former Vanderpump Rules star Kristen Doute is stepping back out onto social media after taking a break from her platforms recently. Kristen, as with most of the cast, had stayed silent after she, Stassi Schroeder, Max Boyens, and Brett Caprioni were fired from the reality series just over three weeks ago. After Kristen began posting on Twitter and Instagram again, she started interacting with some users who continued to bash her for the way she treated Faith Stowers. Kristen shut down a lot of her haters by claiming she reached out to Faith last month when all the drama resurfaced.

Kristen's claim she reached out to Faith came during a long Twitter thread that began with the clothing designer calling for the changing of medical laws regarding cannabis in Idaho. A Twitter user called out Kristen for speaking out on an issue that didn't affect her, but the former reality star quickly shut that down.

"My younger brother lives in Idaho. Soldier. Crohns. Prefers not to be medicated with opiates. Speak before you think and when you do, please speak with kindness. You don't always know people as you think you do and don't know what other people are going through," she wrote.

Kristen Doute and Stassi Schroeder attend a James Mae event
Getty Images | Phillip Faraone

Kristen's comment about speaking with kindness sparked responses from other users who brought up how she should have been kinder to Faith. Kristen and Stassi admitted to calling the cops on The Challenge star several years ago after believing she was a mystery criminal in West Hollywood who was drugging and robbing men.

After a few users asked why Kristen hadn't reached out to Faith recently regarding her actions, one follower spoke up and claimed that she had. Another asked for proof when Kristen cut in and set the record straight.

"Yes I personally DMd her and attempted a phone call. She chose not to respond and declined [to] speak to me, which is her choice."
It was previously reported that Kristen and Stassi never reached out to Faith before issuing their public apologies on Instagram last month. It's unknown if the attempt to contact Faith Kristen recently referred to happened before or after her online apology. According to Faith, the only Vanderpump Rules cast member she heard from after the scandal resurfaced was Lala Kent. Stassi has not made any claim that she reached out to her former co-star, either in the past when the incident first occurred or amid her firing from the hit Bravo reality series.