Lena Hernandez, A ‘Karen’ Who Went On Multiple Racist Rants In Viral Videos, Charged With Battery

On Thursday evening, TMZ reported that Lena Hernandez — a woman dubbed a “Karen” by the internet after multiple videos of her going on racist rants in Southern California went viral — allegedly has a warrant out for her arrest and has been charged with misdemeanor battery.

However, the charge is reportedly not for the incidents shown in the footage, but rather from an event that occurred at a mall in Torrance City on October 11. She has not yet been arrested, according to the article, but an arrest warrant was issued by a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge.

While there is no video footage of that particular incident, Hernandez was the focal point of a viral video last month that showed her going on a racist tirade against another woman in a Torrance park.

The supposed victim was seen exercising on a staircase in the park when the 56-year-old approached her and began her profanity-laden rant.

At the beginning of the video, which was shared at the source, the woman could be seen doing a workout on the steps when Hernandez walked past her up the stairs. After a few seconds, Hernandez is seen walking back down the stairs, narrowly avoiding the other woman who expressed her irritation at almost being hit.

From that point, Hernandez then began her rant. She scolded the woman for working out on the steps and told her to get out and find a gym instead of hogging the stairway.

“Go back to whatever f*cking Asian country you belong in,” Hernandez could be heard saying.

Law enforcement sources reportedly told the outlet that there was “not enough evidence for prosecutors to file criminal charges against Hernandez for the incident at the park.”

TMZ also reported that another video surfaced online that appeared to be from the same day, as Hernandez looked to be wearing the same outfit.

The second clip showed her yelling at a man in a parking lot, telling him to “go home” and saying he did not belong in this country, along with attempts to mimic his accent while calling him “China man.”

In response to the news that an arrest warrant was issued for Hernandez, several people on social media felt that she deserved to be charged for both incidents occurring in the viral videos. Some thought that a misdemeanor charge was not enough of a punishment.

“She’s on camera harassing people so many different times. A misdemeanor is a slap on the wrist. If she does it again all of these incidents need to be taken into account,” tweeted one person.

A few users wondered if she could be mentally unwell.

“This lady is literally everywhere and probably wearing the same thing in every video. She is ill,” a second user tweeted.

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