‘The Bold Type’ Spoilers: Kat Gets Flirty With Eva At Work

This Thursday’s episode of the television series The Bold Type might be setting the stage for a new romantic relationship between Kat Edison (Aisha Dee) and Eva (Alex Paxton-Beesley), based on a sneak peek recently uploaded to Freeform’s YouTube channel.

The show tells the story of three women — writer Jane Sloan, played by Katie Stevens; social media director Kat Edison, played by Dee; and fashion assistant Sutton Brady, played by Meghann Fahy; as they navigate life and love while working at Scarlet Magazine. During the pilot episode, viewers were also introduced to Nikohl Boosheri as Adena El Amin, a proud Muslim lesbian who quickly became Kat’s on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Kat and Adena’s relationship ended during the Season 3 finale, but the women were forced together again after Adena took a job at the magazine. During Season 4, the two tried to publish a story about a teen who killed himself after being sent to conversion therapy. One of the magazine’s board members blocked the story, and Kat released damaging information about him to the public. She was later fired and made an enemy of the board member’s daughter, Eva, an “NRA card-carrying Republican,” as described by Kat.

During this week’s episode, Kat is searching for guests for her new podcast and thinks Eva could really make for an interesting appearance. The two ladies come face-to-face at Kat’s bartending gig, and the flirtatious energy is hard to miss during their banter.

The introduction of a new partner comes as a surprise to the fans of the series, who have strongly supported Kat’s relationship with Adena over the years, according to report by MEA WorldWide.

“What The Bold Type is doing with the character of RJ’s daughter is legitimately awful I’m like in shock that that show is actually doing this, and the fact that they’re doing it with their Black lead is absolute garbage,” one person tweeted.

Fans have also been criticizing the way writers have handled Kat and Adena’s breakup in comparison to the way they’ve addressed Jane’s recent separation from Ryan “Pinstripe” Decker, played by Dan Jeannotte.

“Ryan’s name got mentioned 12x’s during the ep, not once Adena’s. Am I the only puzzled by this lack of Adena mentions? Kat packing up her apartment didn’t bring back 1 memory of #Kadena? So disappointing! #TheBoldType,” one fan complained on Twitter.

While it’s definitely possible Kat and Adena could eventually reconcile, it might not be happening anytime soon if Kat decides to pursue a relationship with Eva. Speaking of relationships, Sutton will find herself in a tough position during this week’s episode as she struggles to figure out how to tell her husband that she may not want children. Meanwhile, Jane gets a surprise visit from her father, who will try to help her rediscover herself post-surgery.

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