‘Siesta Key’ Fans Blast MTV’s Bad Editing As Alex Kompothecras Is Cut Out Of Key Scene With Alyssa Salerno

Siesta Key fans are firing back after a glaring omission on the most recent episode left them both confused and frustrated.

Two weeks after series star Alex Kompothecras was fired from his lead role on Siesta Key, his scenes lived on — without him. But in one particular storyline, Alex’s absence just didn’t make sense, and viewers had a lot to say about it.

After Alex’s girlfriend, Alyssa Salerno, found out that he cheated on her with his ex, Juliette Porter, during a cast trip to Nashville, Alyssa went to confront him. What ensued was a one-sided scene that showed Alyssa questioning her man with no response from him. Alex was briefly shown from behind but no words were aired in what would have been one of the most explosive scenes of the season.

In a subsequent scene, Alyssa had a positive pregnancy test, but she was never shown giving Alex the results, despite the Season 3 cliffhanger that teased his reaction to the unplanned baby news.

On Twitter, Siesta Key fans blasted MTV for cutting Alex out of one of the most important conversations of the season and for showing Alyssa having an awkward one-sided discussion with herself. Others felt the entire storyline should have been scrapped if Alex isn’t going to be shown in it.

“Lol this editing job Siesta Key has going on,” one viewer wrote. “1. The back of Alyssa’s head blocking Alex’s face and 2. It’s now ‘Gary and Beth’s House instead of ‘Alex’s House.'”

“I could’ve done a better job editing out Alex than Siesta Key did,” another wrote. “Like make it stop or bring him back.”

“I never liked Alex and don’t care at all that he’s not in it,” another wrote. “But these editing scenes are just horrible. Not showing any of the conversation with Alyssa is so stupid. Just cut all of that out.”

“The edit of [Siesta Key] is really odd!! ” another wrote. “They should have just cut all of the scenes with Alex. I used to think the editing techniques of this show were magnificent. This just looks like a bad cut job.”

In June, it was announced that MTV cut ties with Alex and that the current season would be edited to minimize his presence following his alleged racist social media activity. That has translated to back-of-the-head shots and one-sided conversations in which Alex’s voice is muted. In another scene that was set at the fallen Siesta Key star’s home, the shot was captioned “Gary and Beth’s House” in reference to Alex’s parents.

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