‘One Piece’ Chapter 984 Spoilers: Yamato’s Face, And Real Intentions In Meeting Luffy, Finally Revealed!

One Piece features Monkey D. Luffy and his subordinates Roronoa Zoro and Vinsmoke Sanji.
NMH.illusion / Flickr (CC BY 2.0 Cropped and Resized)

One Piece Chapter 984 is yet to be officially released, but spoilers are already surfacing on the web. The upcoming chapter of One Piece is set to give fans more information about Yamato, the child of Kaido. According to a Reddit spoiler thread, One Piece Chapter 984 would be featuring Yamato and Straw Hat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy.

Yamato appeared in front of Luffy in the previous chapter of One Piece while the Straw Hat Pirates captain was fighting Ulti, a Beast Pirates headliner and a member of the Flying Six. Yamato surprisingly attacked Ulti, carried Luffy, and brought him to a safe location. Yamato told Luffy that he’s been wanting to see him since he arrived in the Land of Wano.

In One Piece Chapter 984 spoilers, Luffy tried to convince Yamato to bring him back — saying that he could beat Ulti and Page One in just five seconds. Despite being hit by Yamato’s Thunder Bagua, Ulti and Page One immediately came back to their senses. It is revealed that Dinosaur Devil Fruit users like Ulti and Page One possess amazing speed and durability. However, it seems like Luffy is very confident that he could easily beat them in a fight.

Unfortunately for Luffy, Yamato turned down his request to resume his fight against Ulti and Page One. Yamato created a smokescreen to prevent the enemies from finding them. After seeing that their location was safe, Yamato removed her mask, and started using the five minutes given to her by the Straw Hat Pirates captain to talk. One Piece Chapter 984 spoilers revealed that Yamato is a woman, and confirmed a fan theory that she’s inspired by the late Lord Kozuki Oden — a theory explained in great detail in the YouTube video below.

Upon showing her beautiful face to Luffy, Yamato finally revealed the real reason why she wanted to meet him. Yamato said that she was present when her father, Emperor Kaido, executed Lord Oden 20 years ago. Yamato admitted that she was impressed by Lord Oden, and wanted to fulfill his dream of opening the borders of the Land of Wano to the world. As she stares at Luffy, Yamato also started remembering the late Whitebeard Pirates second-division commander Portgas D. Ace.

Aside from revealing information about Yamato, One Piece Chapter 984 spoilers also featured Nico Robin. The Straw Hat Pirates navigator claimed that she could use a technique that enables her to create three copies of her body. The upcoming chapter of One Piece is also set to feature the reunion between Kiku and Izo. Kiku and Izo are brothers and retainers of Lord Oden. While Kiku chose to stay in the Land of Wano, Izo decided to become a pirate and serve under the late Emperor Edward Newgate.