Jessa Duggar Shares Adorable Instagram Snaps Of Her Three Kids Eating Watermelon & Taking A Dip In The Pool

Jessa Duggar and her family seem to be enjoying the summer so far. She also seems to like sharing the fun times that they have, especially those of her three kids: Spurgeon, 4, Henry, 3, and Ivy Jane, 1. On Sunday, the Counting On star delighted her 2.2 million Instagram followers by posting a few sweet pictures for them to enjoy.

The series of six photos revealed how they spent a gorgeous sunny day at their home in Arkansas. The family enjoyed watermelon slices as a tasty treat. The first three Instagram snaps showed how each child ate their watermelon. Spurgeon posed for his photo with the slice planted firmly under his chin. He had the sweetest smile for the camera. The second one was of Henry intently munching on his watermelon slice. He didn’t even bother looking up for the photo op as the fruit had his full attention.

Little Ivy Jane seemed to love eating hers while lounging in the kiddie pool in the backyard. Yet, she did turn toward the camera to put on her best smile while holding her watermelon.

It appears that all three of Jessa’s kids love to play in the water, especially her daughter. Ivy Jane is seen splashing around in the pool with her brothers. None of them seem to mind getting drenched.

Instead of the traditional baby swimsuit, Jessa Duggar put Ivy in a long-sleeved swimsuit top and mismatched red striped bottoms. The mom-of-three indicated in the comments section that the 1-year-old had a blowout in the matching swimsuit bottoms and had to be changed. The bottoms that she had on in the pictures were actually one of Henry’s underwear.

The two boys both wore swim trunks, but they also had shirts on as they took a dip in the pool. Jessa’s husband, Ben Seewald, also shared his own set of adorable photos, as seen on his Instagram account. One of them had Ivy Jane with her huge blue eyes front and center as she sat in the pool.

The comments from fans came flooding in after the set of snapshots was posted.

“Omg those chunky baby legs are the cutest she is a doll,” one fan said about Ivy Jane.

“So adorable! Looks like they were having a blast,” another follower said.

“Your kids are so beautiful and I love how chunky she is,” replied a third fan.

Jessa Duggar recently shared a cute story about Spurgeon and getting out of his nap time for a day. He apparently loves to read books a lot more than taking a nap.

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