Allison Holker’s Daughter Weslie Responds To Critics Telling Her She Dresses Like A Boy

Weslie Boss, the daughter of Stephen “tWITCH” Boss and Allison Holker, recently responded to a TikTok critic who asked her why she dresses like a boy. Not only did Weslie stand up for herself and the way she dresses, but she also explained that the standards dressing up have simply changed, according to Today.

Weslie has been spotted out and about wearing suit jackets, oversized hoodies, as well as a number of dark graphic T-shirts. In her very mature response on TikTok, the 12-year-old calmly addressed the critic, saying that boys and girls should not have to dress a certain way just because of their gender but rather, they should be able to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable.

“Patriarchy is dead. Just because I don’t wear dresses and bright pink doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy. This is my style. I wear comfy clothes and darker colors and just because I dress like that doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy,” she said.

Weslie went on to say that just because people fail to open their eyes to other styles of dress doesn’t mean she is going to change the types of clothing she wears.

Allison Holker and Weslie and Maddox Boss pose on the red carpet.

Weslie’s TikTok response was widely praised and earned a total of over 19,000 likes and was viewed over 73,000 times by her 82,000 followers on the platform. She is very active on the platform and typically shares videos of her dancing, just like her famous parents.

On this particular post, many people commended the Weslie in the comments section for her statement.

“I love your outlook on this so much. People don’t understand this and it’s sad. Thank you for not letting what these people say bring you down,” one person wrote.

Holker re-posted the video of Weslie on Instagram and expressed how proud she was of her daughter for defending herself against critics. She also emphasized the importance of accepting one’s differences as they are what make one another unique.

“Proud of my daughter for standing up for herself and using her voice. We need to stop trying to tear each other down… instead we should stand together understanding our uniqueness is beautiful!” she wrote in the caption.

As The Inquistr previously reported, Weslie’s father, tWitch recently took to social media to celebrate the anniversary of the Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia that took place in 1967. It was this case that made interracial marriage legal and thus allowed him as a Black man to marry Holker, a white woman, many years later.

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