Brandi Glanville Teases ‘RHOBH’ Season 10 Is ‘Gonna Take A Left Real Quick’

Brandi Glanville poses for the camera
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Brandi Glanville talked about her thoughts on the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and shared that she has been asked to attend the reunion. During an interview with podcasters Abby and Spencer on their show The Rumour Mill, Brandi shared as much as she could about the upcoming season of the popular reality show.

Brandi shared that she had caught up on the current season and believes that it is has started on a good note. However, she teased what was coming when she announced that the show is “gonna take a left real quick.” The veteran reality star revealed that she could speak since she isn’t under contract, although Brandi didn’t want to say too much out of respect for the show.

The Drinking And Tweeting author said that she was “nervous” about the upcoming episodes.

“You never know what they’re gonna show — if they show the whole story if they show part of it,” Brandi declared.

Brandi did confess to some missteps during her appearances to which she was concerned.

“I did say a couple of really stupid things so that’s not gonna go well for me.”

The star announced that she had been asked to join the cast for the upcoming reunion and when asked if she will be at the gathering, the actress answered, “as far as I know, yes.” Brandi wasn’t sure if the cast would be getting together in person or if they would reunite virtually. The star hoped that enough time would pass to allow for an in-person reunion since she wasn’t a big fan of virtual reunions. Production in Hollywood has been shut down due to the current pandemic. “It’s hard to watch because everyone talks over the other person,” Brandi said of virtual reunions.

As for the drama with Denise Richards, Brandi held back. The podcast host had been served a cease and desist letter from Denise and was not ready to disobey that order. This letter hasn’t just affected Brandi’s appearance on The Rumour Mill. Brandi was very concerned about how she would be able to talk about the situation with Denise during the reunion.

“I have talked to the producers about trying to figure out a way because I’m not gonna talk about it if she’s going to sue me.”

The show’s producers have taken Brandi’s concerns seriously, and the star revealed that “they are working on” ways to help the author share her thoughts without retribution.

TV Personality Brandi Glanville attends the NBCUniversal 2015 Golden Globe Awards Party sponsored by Chrysler at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 11, 2015 in Beverly Hills, California.
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