’90 Day Fiancé’: Brittany Talks Setting The Record Straight With Yazan’s Parents

The second season of TLC’s 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way has just begun, but there has already been quite a bit of drama this season between 27-year-old Brittany, an underground rapper from Palm Beach, Florida, and her 24-year-old fiancé, Yazan, who lives with his family in Jordan.

While appearing on an episode of People TV’s Reality Check, the reality personality said a lot of the drama actually stemmed from dishonesty. After watching the show, she learned that Yazan had told his Muslim family that she would be willing to convert to Islam before they got married, so when she arrived in Jordan, the family already had expectations that she wasn’t prepared to live up to.

“To watch the show and see him tell his parents that, I was like, ‘So, this is where a lot of issues are coming from,'” she said.

“I feel like we should kind of try to put everything on the same page and try to find some kind of understanding with his parents.”

She also acknowledged the fact that she wasn’t honest about still being married to her ex-husband. She said during her first meeting with Yazan’s parents, she wasn’t aware that the family was trying to plan her marriage to their son. She said, at the time, that she didn’t feel like she needed to share that part of her life with people she had just met.

While appearing on the show, Brittany said the relationship with her ex had become toxic and his controlling ways pushed her to start dating men 45 years old and up. The rapper said she eventually found herself dating an 85-year-old man, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

“Me and this 85-year-old really got along. So, we just did stuff together all the time that we both enjoy doing and we just ended up dating,” she said.

“I just stopped seeing his age and I was just looking at his soul and it was just so amazing.”

Brittany said that when it comes to picking a partner, she doesn’t focus on their physical attributes or material things. She said it’s all about a person’s soul and the way they treat her, which is why she was so into the 85-year-old. Brittany said she especially loved the way he catered to her and paid attention to all the small details she shared with him.

Unfortunately, the couple’s age difference did contribute to their breakup, but Brittany said she doesn’t regret the relationship.

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