Derek Hough Rules TikTok With 'Cha Cha Slide' Challenge

Derek Hough ruled the social media app TikTok with a challenge to the tune of the "Cha Cha Slide" -- a dance made popular at school events and weddings -- by putting his own spin on the moves that needed to be completed to finish the routine. He created the video and shared it to Instagram, which also featured longtime girlfriend Hayley Erbert, who good-naturedly went along with the fun.

The clip began on the beat of the first instructions called out in the song, made popular by DJ Casper in the year 2000.

"Right foot two stomps," called out the singer.

In response, Hayley lay face down on the floor, twice, and the clip was edited quickly to the beat of the music.

"Left foot two stomps," was the next call, with Derek taking a similar position to Hayley on the floor.

"Slide to the left, slide to the right," went the tune, with Derek and Hayley lying opposite one another on the right and left-hand side of the screen.

"Crisscross," sang the next line of the song, to which Hayley and Derek made the shape of an X with their bodies twice. Then, Hayley got atop Derek's shoulders twice for the second call-out of the tune.

Finally, the couple performed a Dancing with the Stars-worthy Cha-Cha for the 15-second clip that Instagram fans absolutely adored, liking it 556,119 times.

Derek's brother-in-law, Brooks Laich -- who is estranged from Derek's sister, Julianne Hough -- remarked that Derek should "bless" Hayley for taking part in all his unique ideas. He referenced all the fun videos the couple has posted together during the coronavirus quarantine.

DWTS judge and The Talk host Carrie Ann Inaba stated that she had seen this challenge with an older couple on the app and thought it was cute. Derek's fans and followers loved the ingenuity the duo displayed and shared their feelings in the comments section of the post.

"I can't imagine how much time it takes you to edit these videos, but we thank you for it, they're amazing," stated one follower.

"Oh, man. U guys took this challenge completely to a whole new level," quipped a second fan.

In the clip, Derek sported a black-and-white Hawaiian shirt and white shorts. His hair was slicked back, and his facial scruff was neat and trimmed. Hayley wore a super-cute pair of overalls. Instead of a regular bib in the front, it sported a deep v-neckline. With that, she wore a white tube top. Her hair was parted in the middle and secured at the back of her head in a low bun. Both had bare feet in the clip.