Fitness Model Jeanette Jenkins Wears Blue Sports Bra & Leggings For Total Body Workout

Jeanette Jenkins takes a mirror selfie in a swimsuit.
Jeanette Jenkins / Instagram

Fitness model Jeanette Jenkins posted her latest full-body workout video to the social media site Instagram on Friday, June 26.

For the workout, the model wore a matching sports bra and leggings outfit in a teal hue. The top left her sculpted arms and shoulders exposed while teasing a strip of toned tummy. The leggings rose high on her abdomen and emphasized the curves of her shapely backside and legs. Jeanette decided to forgo shoes for the indoor workout and wore a pair of white and gray ankle socks.

Jeanette pulled her dark tresses up into a bun which sat on top of her head and appeared to have made up her face with black mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, and pink lip gloss. She accessorized with a light-pink exercise watch and glitzy stud earrings.

The fitness model’s workout consisted of 10 exercises, each separated into an individual video clip in the post. She completed the workout on gray tiled flooring in an open living space just outside her kitchen. The workout didn’t require any equipment, instead relying on body weight for resistance.

Jeanette began the workout with a set of reverse lunges and reach backs. She stretched one leg out behind her and bent low into each lunge. The second exercise was the slide back to plank and stand up. The model let her socked feet pull her back into the plank and then she stepped forward and stood up. The third exercise was a combination of push-ups, bottom plank jacks, and top tucks.

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The fourth video included lateral mountain climbers followed by stationary mountain climbers while the fifth featured cross-body knee-to-elbows. Jeanette demonstrated the slide through to slide plank in the same video. The seventh exercise was the glute buster — Jeanette stood with one foot bent while she slid the other leg back and to the side. She followed the glute buster with plank jacks and cross-body knee tucks, adding a set of pikes after that. The final exercise in the circuit was a bridge with a hamstring and glute pull.

In the caption of the post, Jeanette advertised her 30-day Summer Body Bootcamp hosted by The Hollywood Trainer Club website. She wrote that it was currently day 19 of the challenge. She encouraged her trainees to try the exercises in the video clips as a bonus if they were participating in the bootcamp.

The post earned dozens of comments from adoring fans within the first hour of appearing on the photo-sharing site.

“I love your work out because you always got a smile on your face,” one Instagram user commented.