‘Siesta Key’ Star Juliette Porter Slams Ex-Boyfriend Alex Kompothecras’ ‘Blatant Racism’ Amid MTV Firing

Siesta Key star Juliette Porter thinks MTV made the right decision to fire her ex-boyfriend Alex Kompothecras from the reality show that his own dad, Gary, dreamed up.

Alex, the leading man on Siesta Key, was fired from the MTV reality show last week after it was discovered that he allegedly retweeted racist and white supremacist comments and memes in the past.

In a new interview with the Chicks in the Office podcast, Juliette said she was surprised by some viewers’ response to her ex’s firing.

“I have a lot of — I don’t want to say racist followers — but a lot of people are like really upset about him leaving,” Juliette said. “People love a villain.”

The Siesta Key star added that his inappropriate actions were “blatant.”

“It’s not even like subtle racism — it was like blatant, blatant racism,” she said, before adding, “Yeah… that’s all I can probably legally say.”

Siesta Key co-star Kelsey Owens noted that there are “so many people” still saying they want Alex back on the show.

“And I’m like, do you understand why he’s gone?” the 23-year-old model added. “Yeah, MTV definitely made the right decision on cutting him.”

In the interview, Juliette also cleared up the timeline for Alex’s girlfriend Alyssa Salerno’s pregnancy. Juliette says the salon owner was not pregnant when she hooked up with her ex during a cast trip to Nashville, Tennessee. Juliette also revealed that Alex is very good at “manipulating” and “threatening” people.

In comments to the YouTube video of the interview, some fans still stood behind the ousted reality star, despite his past mistakes.

“Alex is my favorite, sorry I won’t be watching,” one commenter wrote.

“Don’t forget thanks to Alex u both are famous,” another wrote to Juliette and Kelsey.

Alex’s casting on Siesta Key was controversial from the start. In 2017, just as the MTV reality show premiered, social media followers flagged alarming content on the series star’s Instagram page, according to Teen Vogue. He received backlash for a derogatory post about interracial relationships and for a video of a shark being dragged to its death by a group of the reality star’s friends.

Despite the past controversies, viewers were stunned last week when it was announced that Alex was fired from Siesta Key just as the second half of the third season premiered. The Florida law student was also edited out of his previously filmed scenes, which was quite a challenge for producers, considering that his love triangle with Juliette and Alyssa is a major storyline in the show.

While Alex is out for good on Siesta Key, Alyssa, who delivered the couple’s daughter, Alessi, earlier this month, will still appear on the reality show. An MTV rep told People that Alyssa is still part of Siesta Key “as of now” and that Alex’s dad, who developed the series, will remain an executive producer.

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