Fitness Model Valentina Lequeux Shows Off Killer Figure In Thong Bikini For Latest Workout Video

Fitness model Valentina Lequeux posted a new workout video to social media platform Instagram on Thursday, June 25, that showed off her killer physique in a thong bikini as she worked out beachside.

The bikini consisted of a white halter-style top with black straps along the shoulders, back, and around the rib cage. The back of the top included a large cut out that showed off her sculpted muscles. Along the rib cage band was the name of the sports brand Puma written in gray block letters. The thong bottoms were plain black and rose low on Valentina's hips, giving viewers a nearly unobstructed look at her chiseled abdomen and shapely backside. The length of the model's fitness-honed legs were also left exposed.

Valentina appeared to have recently gone for a dip in the water, her shoulder-length brown hair worn loose and damp throughout the workout. She appeared to be wearing a touch of eye makeup and lip gloss and went barefoot for the workout.

The beachside workout was designed to work the full body and included six different cardio exercises. For one of the exercises, Valentina got creative and used a large rock for added resistance. The model wasn't afraid to get sandy during her workout, completing a couple of the exercises on the ground, while standing or jumping for the rest.

The first exercise in the routine was the pistol roll -- Valentina rolled on her back on the sand and then propelled herself back to a squatting position, repeating the move. The second video showed the stone slam. The model picked up a large rock and carried it over her head to drop it on the ground and then pick back up. In the third video, the model was seen performing jumping squats with an added foot touch.

The fourth exercise in the circuit was the yogi push-up, which appeared to combine yoga moves, including the downward dog and upward dog, with a push-up. The fifth video featured the walking lunge while the sixth was the plank table. For the table, Valentina engaged her legs with her heels.

In the caption of the post, the model told her 1.9 million followers that this cardio circuit would help them sculpt their summer body. She also left a tip for how to get rid of fat, telling her fans that sustainable physical transformations happen by making changes to the diet.

The beach workout earned more than 40,000 likes and nearly 500 comments within the first day.