Hanna Oberg Wears Ultra-Tight Booty Shorts For Glutes Workout

Hanna Oberg takes a mirror selfie.
Hanna Oberg / Instagram

Fitness model Hanna Oberg took to popular social media site Instagram on Thursday to post a new workout video filmed at the gym that targeted the “under booty.”

For the workout, Hanna wore a poofy black sweatshirt with an elastic band around the waist that contrasted with the tight-fitting gray spandex shorts that she sported on her lower half. The shorts rose high on her waist and extended to mid-thigh, elongating her sculpted backside and leaving most of her curvy legs exposed.

Hanna completed the outfit with a pair of white sneakers and white socks with a black stripe around the top that rose to mid-calf level. Her long, brunette waves were worn in a half-up bun, pulling most of her hair off her face for the workout while the rest flowed down her back. Hanna also appeared to have added a touch of black mascara and lip gloss.

The fitness trainer’s “under booty” workout included four exercises. Although the model carried out the workout in a gym setting, the only equipment she used was a set of dumbbells, making it easy to adapt to a home environment. Hanna specified in the caption of the post that while the workout is designed to target the backside, it is impossible to spot reduce fat.

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“UNDER” BOOTY BURN be sure to LIKE ???? & SAVE the video backkk with a burnout for the peachy cheeks ???? here to give you 4 exercises to target the area under your booty. pointing out AGAIN, that we cannot spot reduce fat & the so called “under booty” is simply the lower parts of your gluteus maximus where hammies and & glutes meets up. force that specific area to weeerk & sweat a lil extra with these METHOD: dumbbell only workout 1️⃣ Pause elevate split squat | 4set x 10reps each leg one of the best there is trust me 2️⃣ Elevate Stiff DLs | 4set x 12reps lower until he stretch hits you 3️⃣ Dead stop squats | 4set x 15reps personal fave never lets you down 4️⃣ One leg glute bridges | 4set x 15reps each leg squeezeeee at the top AD | @gymshark 24 HOURS SALE IS LIVE!!!!!! view my story for more. wearing the illumination jacket that will be in the sale with 30% OFFFF Song is: whine pon it – Ayo Jay ❇️ Spotify: haoberg

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Before beginning the workout, Hanna posed for the rolling camera with her back facing the camera and one foot perched on her toes. She placed her hands on her hips and turned her head to look toward the camera while drawing the eye to her shapely backside.

The first exercise in the circuit was the pause elevate split squat. Hanna held a large dumbbell in each hand that she let rest at her side and placed one foot on top of a flat weight, moving into a series of lunge squats. In the second video, Hanna demonstrated elevated stiff DLs. She held a dumbbell in both hands and slowly lowered it to the floor while keeping her legs together and straightened.

The third exercise that the model performed was dead stop squats, a type of squat that required the use of a dumbbell and for Hanna to sit on a bench as she lowers her body into the squat. The final exercise in the routine was one-leg glute bridges carried out from the floor.

The post earned nearly 30,000 likes and dozens of comments within the first day.

“Yessss! This is what I needed in my life!” one adoring follower wrote in the comments section of the post.