WWE News: Alexa Bliss Opens Up About Current Relationship With Ex-Boyfriend Buddy Murphy

Alexa Bliss makes her way to the ring

WWE superstars Alexa Bliss and Buddy Murphy used to be romantically involved with each other. However, the superstars split up in 2018 after being together since their days as members of the NXT roster. While the pair continue to work with each other in WWE, some fans have wondered if the pair are still friends. According to Bliss, there is no animosity between them.

Bliss opened up about her breakup with Murphy on social media after taking to Twitter on Thursday to share a picture of her and Ryan Cabrera, who she started dating earlier this year. After revealing how much her current boyfriend makes her “laugh,” one of her followers inquired about her relationship with Murphy. The Twitter user said that he thought they were still dating because she writes about the animals she owns with Murphy on social media.

According to Bliss, she and Murphy did break up in the early part of 2018 and have remained friends ever since. However, they continue to share custody of the pets they got while they were still together, which is why she continues to refer to them as their animals, as opposed to just hers.

Bliss didn’t discuss why the couple broke up, but she made it clear that there’s no bad blood between them. Her followers appeared to be happy about the news as well. One noted how it’s “always nice to see a positive example of an adult break up,” while others commended her and Murphy for co-parenting their pets.

As noted by Sportskeeda, Bliss was reportedly engaged to Murphy prior to their breakup. The earlier reports claim that the couple called off their engagement in September 2018, but Bliss’s latest revelation confirms that the relationship ended earlier that year.

The couple also broke up under the radar, which is rare for people who are in the public eye. While Bliss is transparent with her fans in regards to her love life whenever they ask, she didn’t broadcast the breakup with Murphy on social media, which is undoubtedly why some fans believe they’re still together.

The Sportskeeda report also reveals that Bliss’s romantic life has been the subject of much ire on social media this month. One of her followers threatened Cabrera recently, which led to Bliss taking a screenshot and sending it to the relevant department. Since then, she’s been regulating her social media activity, as negative interactions with followers are commonplace.