Deal With It: Adam Orth Allegedly Resigns From Microsoft

Adam Orth, of the “Deal with it,” tweet fame has allegedly resigned from Microsoft. Orth’s tweet started a bit an online firestorm when talking about the rumors that the Xbox 72o would have “always on” function.

There are plenty of people who do not want the next generation console to be online all of the time, perhaps they saw the problems that a video game having always online functions can have with SimCity.

Adam Orth’s “Deal with it” tweet was actually one of many where the apparently now former Microsoft employee attempted to defend what many have felt was the company’s bad decision. In the end, it wasn’t so much that Orth attempted to defend the decision, it was more the way he attempted to do it.

After the tweet heard ’round the Internet he got into an exchange with several followers where he was incredibly dismissive. It got to the point where Microsoft actually felt the need to issue an apology for his actions.

Now insiders have said that Orth is not with the company anymore. Because this is not an official announcement, there isn’t really a way to confirm beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has indeed left.

It’s also unclear as to whether he was asked to leave or decided on his own that he was no longer going to be working for the company he defended so vociferously.

While the company has not come out and said that he is no longer their employee in public, Game Informer says that they called the Microsoft switchboard and got basic confirmation about his leaving.

When he made the comments, Microsoft was quick to point out that Orth did not speak on the behalf of the company. Nor did the company confirm that always on is actually a part of the new console.

We’ll likely be finding out whether the next gen console always has to be connected to the Internet when they finally unveil it on May 21.

What do you think of Adam Orth’s “Deal with it” comments?