Kaycee Clark’s Girlfriend Speaks Out After Explosive ‘The Challenge: Total Madness’ Episode

Kaycee Clark competes on The Challenge Season 35

The girlfriend of The Challenge: Total Madness star Kaycee Clark is speaking out after a dramatic episode of the hit reality series. For several weeks, speculation began that there was something deeper than friendship between Nany Gonzalez and the Big Brother winner. Kaycee had a live-in girlfriend during filming, and some of the cast felt the co-star’s relationship was crossing the line.

Wednesday night’s episode showed a lot of physical contact between the two women, and now Kaycee’s possibly former girlfriend, Tayler Jiminez, is taking to Twitter to share her frustrations.

Bayleigh Dayton, who had a massive blowout with Kaycee, suggested on last night’s episode that she would be in contact with Tayler to let her know what was going on with her former friend and Nany. After filming, Bayleigh tweeted that she never followed through with the threat.

“Just for the record. I never called nor said anything to Taylor [sic]. I was hurt so I said I would in the episode but, never did. If their relationship is ending (which I doubt it is) it had nothing to do with me. I came home to my husband and minded my damn business.”

On Thursday afternoon, Tayler responded to that tweet.

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“I would’ve appreciated that call more than anything actually. You were the only other person I had out there but what’s done is done. We have much to talk about just you and I and off of social media,” Tayler wrote.

After the episode aired last night, Tayler shared a more cryptic tweet, which some fans think hints that she and Kaycee are no longer together. There has been no confirmation of that at this time.

“Never needed a n**** and will definitely never need a chick,” she tweeted with a peace-sign emoji.

Tayler also re-tweeted posts that said, “remember your power” and “Sis you’re somebody’s prayer. You better not beg for love.” Last night, her account was set to private after fans began searching for her, but she recently made her profile public again, only to once again set to private.

Fans continue to speculate if the duo are still on, on a break, or completely broken up.

Kaycee, who stays relatively silent on Twitter, has not made any comments on the platform at this time. The reality star hasn’t shared a post since May 2.

Bayleigh has not responded back to Tayler on social media, but the latter did suggest that they needed to talk personally and not on Twitter. Whether that conversation takes place can only be known to the two women.

For fans looking for more regarding the drama between Nany, Bayleigh, and Kaycee, they can catch the reunion which airs at the end of the season and was recently recorded over Zoom. Nany was eliminated in last night’s episode after facing off against Melissa Reeves, so there will be no more on-screen cuddling between her and Kaycee.

Nany appears to be in a relationship with someone new and not associated with The Challenge, according to recent Instagram pictures.