‘Dark Souls II’ Gets First Trailer, Screenshots [Video]

Dark Souls II finally has its first official trailer, as well as some really nice screen shots. The game has been teased and talked about since the 2012 VGAs but today marked the first day that we got some hard news about the title.

Among the info that was conspicuously left out was when the game would be available and on the market. We did already know that the game developers have claimed that this version will be more understandable.

There have been complaints that the first version was pretty and fun to play, but that the story behind the game was somewhat difficult to wade through. This game is expected to be still have the same kind of difficulty level but will be more comprehensible.

Dark Souls II is apparently bringing quite a few improvements to the game series alongside the ability to better understand what is going on in the game and why. Among the changes are better graphics for more realism, as well as varying enemy reaction.

The varied enemy reaction might be the best part of this new version, especially if the gameplay graphics really are as good as they look in the few screenshots that have been released.

While the gameplay might be more comprehensible when you are actually get in and see it, the trailer certainly isn’t pushing people towards that solution.

While the trailer does show off what new graphics are capable of, and gives viewers a look at some of the characters that you will go up against, there is no actual explanation of what you are supposed to be doing or why.

That isn’t necessarily a strike against the game as finding out how and why you are playing the game can be quite fun on its own.

Dark Souls II is currently expected to hit the market sometime in early 2014.